Kent Fuller is one of the pioneers of the early days of drag racing. He is now building his last and most ambitious car, a streamliner designed to reach speeds over 300 mph, and set a new land speed record on the world famous Bonneville Salt Flats.


A 25-foot long land speed car comprised of hand-rolled steel. It is a monocoque design, uniting the body with the frame to minimize drag.


STEVEN FULLER, Owner – Kent’s son. Grew up in his dad’s shop, began welding at age 9, had his own fabrication business at age 21, and has always had a hand in racing.

ANDY DAVIS, Driver – Expert in vintage autos, Indy Lights, and motorcycle racing. Toured Japan, and VARA “Rookie of the Year” in 2003.

DON TUBBS, Technical Manager – Member of the SCTA (10 yrs), the sanctioning body for “Speed Week” at Bonneville. Also a longtime friend from the Navy, and groomsman at Kent’s wedding in 1955. Engineered Navy control systems for 40 years and runs a competitive 1927 Model T Roadster.

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